Help & Support

  • What is the contact number of K2tickets?

    You can contact our Help Desk number +1-888-808-9040. Also you can email us on

  • What is the customer service email ID of K2tickets?

    The customer service email Id for K2tickets is . You can also call us on our help desk number +1-888-808-9040.

  • How long does it take to get refunds?

    Refunds are processed digitally in 7 working days from the date of cancellation. You can check the "Terms and Conditions section" of the airline for more clarity. You are eligible for a refund only if you have booked a refundable or partly refundable ticket.

  • How can I get a refund on my booking?

    Most refunds are processed digitally in 7 working days from the cancellation date. Please make sure, whether you have booked a refundable or a non-refundable ticket, as the best deals are on non-refundable bookings these days. You can also contact our help desk numbers for clarification. Do refer to the "Terms and Conditions section" before canceling your booking.

  • I have made a booking for the wrong date; how do I rectify it?

    Most airlines allow the passenger to make one change in their bookings without any extra charges. You can make changes from our website or mobile application in the "Your Bookings section" and click on the tab "Change Date or Time of Travel". You can also contact our Booking Expert on +1-888-808-9040 or the airlines for the same.

  • Can the terminal details be changed before the date of travel?

    Yes, sometimes, due to a technical difficulty or any other reason, the airline would have to depart or land its flight from a different terminal. The traveler is informed about any such changes much in advance by the airlines.

  • How can I reschedule my booking?

    You can check your bookings in our "Your Bookings section" on our website or mobile application and choose the option "reschedule". You can also visit or call the airline's booking office for the same.

  • What is a schedule change?

    Due to operational issues, the airline may change the travel date or time before the departure. The same will be communicated to you well in advance. You can also contact the airlines for confirmation of the changes.

  • Do I need to pay extra for the baggage, as I am carrying more than the stipulated?

    Every airline has a different rule for excess baggage, and you can contact the airline to enquire about the charges or speak to the Check-in Counter personnel while getting yourself checked.

  • What are modes of payment available on your website?

    You can choose from the various payment options mentioned on the website or our mobile application and make your payments. Sometimes cards have daily transactions or amount limit set by the bank, you must confirm the same before you make the bookings. We accept all major debit or credit cards.

  • What is the process of changing or choosing my seat?

    Most seats are allocated at the time of reservation. You can call our Booking Managers or contact the airline if you wish to make any changes or choose your seats. It may cost you extra if you want to choose your seat.

  • The airfare is different from when I reached the confirmation page. How so?

    The airfares keep fluctuating as per the demand. It is possible that while you were checking the fares, the demand was normal, and it increased later by the time you were booking your ticket. You can contact our Booking Managers to help you get the best possible fares.

  • Is there a service charge for making a booking from the K2tickets website?

    Yes, all service charges and taxes are included in the final total. When you make the payment, you can check the final statement to confirm and make the payments.

  • I want to book a special meal?

    You can contact the airlines for a special meal requirement.

  • Can I hold or block an air ticket reservation?

    According to the new rules, you cannot hold or block your air ticket, you must make your reservation immediately as there is no guarantee about any changes in the airfare later on.

  • How to book an air ticket for my underage nephew, who is traveling alone?

    It would be advisable to contact our Booking Manager to check the details with regards to this situation, as all airlines have different rules while flying an "Unaccompanied Minor".

  • I am carrying excess baggage, is there a charge for it?

    Every airline has a different rule for excess baggage, and you can inform the airline in advance and enquire about the charges or speak to the Check-in Counter personnel while getting yourself checked.

  • How can I add a family member to my existing reservation?

    You can make a fresh booking from our website. It is subject to availability. You can also contact our Booking Managers to help you with the same.

  • I have mistyped the spelling of my name. Is it possible to correct it?

    If it's a minor change of character, the airlines may make the necessary changes after comparing it with your official identity card. If it is a major change, you may have to talk to the airlines and get it done or, in certain situations, cancel and book a new ticket.

  • Is it possible that some flights would land at different airports?

    Yes, some cities have multiple airports, and the details about which airport the flight would land at are always mentioned in the tickets, along with the arrival terminal number.

  • Why do I have to switch airports?

    Sometimes you need to change airports when airlines do not fly from the same airports. This switch must be carried out by the passengers at their own expense and will require you to collect your baggage and transfer it to the next airport. Sometimes airlines may help you with this switch.

  • How do I book for multiple destinations?

    You can check our website for multiple destinations or booking options and set your itinerary. Also, you can contact our Booking experts to help you.

  • What are the rules for traveling with an infant?

    Airlines consider a child as an infant if its age is between 0 to 24 months. For domestic travel, you need to inform the airlines about the same while booking your tickets if the infant will sit on your lap, as there are no additional charges. However, the airline may recommend you book a seat for the infant and offer you the same at a special discounted price.

    For international travel, a separate ticket is compulsory for an infant, too, even if he or she may travel on your lap. When you make your reservation, follow it with a reservation for the infant. Some airlines have different rules for traveling with an infant. It is advisable to check for them on their website.

    An adult can travel with a maximum of two infants, and a seat booking is compulsory for the second infant. You can contact us on our help desk number for more clarity or contact the airlines for the same.

  • How do I contact an Airline?

    You can visit our "Airline Contact" Page for all the toll-free numbers along with a comprehensive list of almost all airlines of the world. You can visit the airline's website too.

  • Are all prices in US Dollars?

    Yes, all the fares mentioned on our website are in US Dollars. We accept Canadian Debit or Credit Cards, and you can pay using them after the price quote is converted from US Dollars.